Paris, February 1977,
Marc Bolan & T. Rex Live in concert

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Bernard Pavelek attended the gig at the Bataclan on 11th February,1977 where a sign on the front door said that it was cancelled there but redirected to the Nashville.The Nashville was a small club, previously known as 'La Taverne de L'Olympia' as it was under the Olympia , at the back. The Olympia having been totally rebuilt a few years ago, this stage may not exist anymore. As he was waiting at the door he was told that people under 18 couldn't enter. After a lot of Marc lookalikes arrived, a small man with short hair came and asked for a translation of what was written at the door....No one took him for who he was....M A R C BOLAN ! Only Bernard suddenly realised that it was the man.

He followed him to the back door and started to talk with the Man through the help of a lady who translated. Bernard had hired a photographer for the evening. The guy was there but didn't dare to take a pic. Bernard explained that the club did not allow under 18's but were anxious to be allowed in. Marc replied that he will try to solve this problem and entered the backstage door. Previously to that I forgot to mention that it was already late in the evening and when the fans arrived at the Nashville door they weren't sure that the gig would actually happen. Then 2 Avis trucks arrived and equipment was carried in. After a while the roadies started to bring the stuff back to the trucks, so the fans were afraid of a cancellation. They were then told that the club being rather small, only a part of the material was needed.

After a while Bernard and other fans heard guitar riffs coming from the club. They rushed in down the stairs and could see Marc doing the sound check befored they were forced back. Finally everyone was allowed in. Bernard said that they were only about 30 hardcore fans, including British fans (Caron Thomas was there). There were tables a bit like at the Macumba. Luc left his stereo Walkman running, recording on top of his table, very near the amps. Too near in fact, the resulting sound is very saturated. He had a camera + the photographer he had hired + he met fans that he didn't previously know and they shared photographs afterwards. They moved in front of the stage and started to wait. The Man in charge of the club presented T.rex : 'T.Rex c'est extraordinaire...T.REX !' One two three four....Jeepster !

The band was tight and rocking well! At the end of this song Marc yells 'Vive la France !' : 'Long life to France'. The audience applauses. Bernard had moved in front of the stage among the 30 hard core fans there. The audience were doing rather well, clapping and shouting. Someone yells for 'Get it on'. Visions, New York City, Groove a little.The song is basically the same as the Nantes recording. Telegram sam, Hang-ups. I love to Boogie No Dandy in the underworld for this gig. Hot Love. One of the highlight of the show and something I never heard previously is when the audience starts singing lalalalala after the song had ended. Progressively the band enters the game and plays along to the singing audience. Then Marc breaks into 'Get it on'. 12 mins of RnR with every musician taking a solo in the middle.

The presenter comes back on stage and thanks the band for their great concert. During all the gig Bernard has been taking pictures along with the hired photographer. The funny thing is that Bernard wasn't aware of the departure of Steve Currie and as an original member of the band he had ask his photographer to snap many pics of the bassist. So Bernard ended with a large amount of Herbie Flowers pics !

After the show, Bernard and his mate Luc searched for the band's room and they found it after exploring a lot of downstairs corridors. They waited for a long while walking up and down before Marc and Gloria finally got out. Bernard was taking pictures but as he wasn't using flash lights so Marc didn't even notice him. But Gloria did and Marc went into his usual grins. Unfortunatly the film is too dark to be able to see anything. The whole band and French fans walked to a kind of canteen where they had dinner.

Bernard is unable to speak English so he didn't talk much but his friend Luc did. They were told by Herbie Flowers that the whole band had come for the Xmas show ( La nuit de Graziella ) on French TV. But due to technicians strikes only Marc was allowed to appear on a backing recorded track while they were due to play live. Because of this the band didn't make the journey to appear on the pre-tour TV brodcast '1 sur 5'. Else they would have !

Pierre C. (Site Donna La Folle)

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Photos Phil Sandré / Droits : Bernard Pavelek

Paris_bolan10j.jpg (28750 octets)
Marc Bolan Guitar, lead vocal / Miller anderson Guitar / Dino Dines Keyboards
Tony Newman Drums / Herbie Flowers Bass

Paris_bolan17recj.jpg (25699 octets)

Paris_bolan12j.jpg (25324 octets)


Paris_herbie_tony1j.jpg (26207 octets)
Herbie Flowers (bass) Tony Newman (drums)

Paris_bolan20_recj.jpg (20617 octets)


Paris_bolan6j.jpg (24819 octets)


Paris_herbie1j.jpg (19755 octets)
Herbie... Cool !


Paris_millerj.jpg (25557 octets)
Miller Anderson


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Paris_bolan1j.jpg (24865 octets)
Luc (de dos) reconnaissable à sa chemise blanche

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